XL55K02 XLPower 550 With The Blades

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  • XL55K02 XLPower 550 With The Blades

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Length:                                 1080mm
Height:                                 310mm
Width:                                  160mm
Main blade size:                        425mm-570mm
Tail blade size:                        72mm- 85mm
Motor pinion:                           12t included;13t optional
Helical CNC Main gear:                  106t
Tail pinion:                            13T
Autorotation gear:                      60T
Main to tail gear ratio:                4.615
RTF weight:                             2500g-2800g
Main shaft diameter:                    10mm
Feathering shaft diameter:              8mm
Tail boom diamater:                     20mm
Max battery size:                       220mm*48mm*55mm(6s)

(1) XLPower 550 Kit
(1) Set of RT 550mm Rotor Blades
(1) Set of XLPower 85mm Carbon Tail Rotor Blades
(1) Foam Blade Holder

Needed to Complete:
Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
Receiver (7-channel or more)
(1) 6S Li-Po 3000 ~ 5200mAh
(1) Digital Pitch Gauge
(3) Mini Size Cyclic Servos
(1) Full Size Tail Servo
(1) Brushless Motor (4020-4025 or similar recommended)
(1) 6s ESC (80A Minimum Recommended)
Misc. Building Equipment